Friday, August 18, 2017

Little bag for hair ties and clasps

For my niece I sewed a little bag to carry all the hair ties or clasps. Like almost every little girl she like the Disney movie "Frozen" . Chance brought it about that I had some scraps of the Frozen fabric, so she get this little bag.

I saw such a bag as well on many blogs or on pinterest and now I had sewed it. As a present for little girls I think it is a nice idea.
fabric: Frozen by DaWanda ( I don't know the seller exactly)
size: adjusted to the scrap of fabric
pattern: work menticulousy by me
idea: pinterest
woven ribbon: farbenmix

Sunday, August 13, 2017

12 von 12 - August 2017

It's the 12th again and I show you again twelve pictures of my day. Other pictures  can you see on Caro's website.

 Good morning ... It's Saturday and I slept a bit too long ...

... but first coffee and breakfast ...

... rain all day long, but we must go buy some stuff ...

... like a new bed for our guests ...

... for our lunch we needed also some fresh tomatoes ...

... packing books to boxes ...

... fold some laundry ...

... while the kid's are watching a movie ...

... I bake a cake for our weekend ...

... after the meal and the shower the boy is sleeping ...

... we watching an old movie ...

... good night.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Batman, Robin and Batgirl

This year I get a phone call from my good sister and she asked me if I can sew some costumes for her kids for Fasching. Her boy wanted to be Batman und her girl wanted to be Batgirl.
Anyway, we had to pick up my boy from his grandparents and so I took the chance and bring my sewing machine. 
My good sister bring some shirts and a few meters of fabric. I kept it very simple, I had only one day to make the kids happy. Very shortly after we arrived at our old homeland I sat on the machine with three prying kids around me. On every shirt I sewed also a cape for the real superhero feeling.

"Batman" and "Batgirl" were very happy with their costumes.

As my son saw the costumes from his cousins he wanted to be "Robin", so I took a red long sleeved shirt, cut of the sleeves and sewed a vest with some applications on it. The cape is fixed with some buttons.

A green long sleeved shirt under the vest and a green pants make the costume complete. For this costume I had more time as a day so I stiched around all details.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Schnabelina Clutch

Again I sewed a clutch from the free pattern hosted by "Schnabelina". You can see the other bag I sewed on this post.

This time I took a black fabric with velvet flower ornaments. I buyed this fabric long ago in a surprise package.

size: medium

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hello August - bye July

Here is my review for July. Our house is taking shape.

Wedding of some friends, shopping time, the heating is fit to the house, visiting from a huge green hopper, demolish something, time off, the boy leaves kindergarten, searching for tiles, building the carport.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - July "Snail's Trail"

The July block from the #6köpfe12blöcke QAL is called "Snail's Trail" and the instructions are presented by Dorthe alias lalalapatchwork.

I had decided that I made my block bi-colored. I took my main blue fabric and add a cappuchino brown fabric.

Look's nice, but I fall in euphoria and I made a mistake... Note to me: RTFM!!

I think I call it the "Snail Fail". Now there was the time for the seam ripper.

And now I'm done! Thanks to Dorthe for the instructions.

"Snail's Trail" instruction: Dorthe from lalala-patchwork
fabric: Buttinette
linked up to: Dorthe
size: 12,5" x 12,5"

Friday, July 21, 2017

farbenmix - "Herz"

During the last time I sewed some pencil cases. My favorite pattern is "Herz" from farbenmix "Taschenspieler Vol I."

As a side note - I like recycled demin in every kind of bag.

pattern: "Herz" farbenmix - Taschenspieler I
fabric: , recycled demin
ribbon: farbenmix

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Comic Bags

On Schnabelinas website is a very nice tutorial to sew your own bag for little books. I took this pattern and modified it to fit to my comics.

I sewed two bags but I think I need another one. My comic book collection grows every month...

pattern: Schnabelina
fabric: buttinette,, demin
size: A5

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 von 12 - July 2017

It's the twelfth again and here are my twelve pictures of July. On Caros website you can watch  the pictures of all the other participants.

 Good morning ... thanks for the reminder ...

... after making breakfast and of course coffee I must leave the house ...

... wait for the doctor ...

... my knee is completely cured, so let's drive to work ...

... breakfast time at work ...

... preparing a present for a wedding in the afternoon ...

... pick up the boy ...

... only red traffic signs on my way ...

... some curative treatment for the boy ...

... the postman have lots of packages for us ...

... shooting some pitures to blog them ...

... after a shower and a meal, it's bedtime.

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